Tree Care Tips

Trees are living organisms with intrinsic natural value and beauty. Trees do everything from scrubbing the air of carbon dioxide to shading our patios and decks. Without trees our world would be dramatically different and life as we know it, not possible. Yet we tend to take them for granted. We tend to view our trees as something that will always be there. Like people, trees suffer from disease, parasites and improper care, even though they do have natural defenses to protect them. There is so much we can do to ensure their well-being. The first step is to be aware.

Here are some things we can do:

Be aware. Take the time to survey your property. On a beautiful day, take a walk around your yard and truly observe your trees. Do your trees look healthy? Do they have room to grow? Do they have dead branches in them? Do they allow light onto themselves as well as let light onto others around them?

Take a closer look. Are the leaves the color they are supposed to be? Are leaves a lush green color or is there discoloration and yellowing? Are the leaves broad or are they shriveled up? Do you see insects crawling in places where they don’t belong? Treat the tree as if it is a member of your family. If there are signs of a problem, act.

Educate yourself. There are resources on this site and others about the maintenance and care of trees. Take a few minutes to learn.

All trees are not created equally. There are some trees that are parasites for others around them. They might grow too fast and take up a disproportionate share of the nutrients in the soil and light from the sun. They tend not to enhance their surroundings but detract from it. In essence, these trees are weeds and should be dealt with as such when they affect other trees and plantings negatively.

Trees are like people. Trees get sick and need treatment. When there are visible signs of distress and something “just isn’t right”, contact a Certified Arborist to consult with you.

Every living thing on your property affects all other living things in that environment. Deer affects shrubs and landscape plantings by feeding on them. They also create an increased incidence of ticks that affect you, your pets and your children by spreading Lyme disease. Too many trees can affect the health of your lawn and other trees. Living things do not live independently of the other. Hutchinson Tree Care advocates a holistic approach when making tree care choices.

Implement a maintenance schedule that addresses potential threats before they become a problem. Prune, brace, remove, and spray your trees before they adversely affect other living things on your property and are adversely affected themselves by insects and parasites. Be proactive and you and your trees will be happy.

Once you have made an appraisal of your property and trees, give us a call for your free consultation.

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