Plant Health Care

Our plant health care program enhances the maximum vitality, value, and beauty of your landscape. We will tailor a custom program to your existing landscape that monitors your trees and landscape plantings for insect damage, disease, and environmental stress. Any existing conditions will be treated immediately. Harmful insect populations are contained, diseases are stopped or prevented, and environmental stresses are identified before permanent damage occurs. This is a must for any comprehensive property maintenance regimen.

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Custom Fertilization Programs

In natural environments, the recycling of nutrients occurs naturally when leaves and organic matter decompose. However, problems do occur when that natural cycle is disrupted. In landscaped settings, trees compete with grass and other types of ground cover. If trees are not naturally replenished with nutrients, nutrient levels are quickly exhausted. Fertilization solves what nature cannot by increasing your trees resistance to drought conditions, insects and fungal diseases, and will ensure that your trees look their best, with fuller, more beautiful tree crowns.

Disease & Insect Control

Trees are like people; they can and do get sick. Trees are susceptible to disease for a variety of reasons, some of which are: pest infestation, old age, root compaction, drought, nutrient deprivation, and neglect. However, there is help. Through our comprehensive program we will evaluate and then prescribe a regimen that will get your tree or trees on the road towards good health and will recommend a regimen to prevent disease in the first place.

Our goal is to use the least toxic and smallest dose of a prescribed material to effectively control a given problem. In some instances horticultural oil is the only prescription needed to control an issue. Disease prevention and pest infestation is controlled through timely visits to your property on a prescribed schedule that deals most effectively with the particular disease or infestation.

Deer Repellent

Within the past 50-100 years, what was once open meadow or farmland (that’s where all those stonewalls came from) has now become thick new growth forest, an ideal place for deer. Deer have become a persistent threat to a variety of plants and trees, as well as the carrier of the deer tick. We provide a harmless service that encourages deer to find their meals away from your property. We spray a natural material that the deer find offensive to smell and taste and thus ensuring that they dine elsewhere. These sprays will not harm the deer or other animals.

Tick Control

Protect your family and pets from the dangers of disease-carrying ticks with our control program. Contact us to learn more. 

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